Friday, 26 November 2021

Perumal Rescue

Dear Sir/Mam and Bro/Sis, Vanakkam,

Today On 26.11.2021,Our Agal Foundation team rescued one male person from R1 Mambalam police limit near at Usman road,

His name is Tr.Perumal,s/oTr.Manickam(late)Aged around 75+ yrs old,he's completely destituted situation and,not able to speak fluently due to Dementia,and poor walking condition,

the person's was noticed and protected by concerned police official's, the Msg received from them,So we went to the place,then he was rescue and taken go to the Concerned Police Official House Officer Ayya,Sub inspector ayya  Knowledge. 

The Official's considered his condition and situation,and then they're gave requestion letter (General Memo)for his admission,

Thereafter he was Sheltered to the Little Drops Transit Home for Aged,"A" Block,Sriperambathur,Near Vengadu village, Kanchipuram Dist, Successfully, through by our Agal Foundation social workers,V.Manoranjan,and, C. Somasundaram,

Our prayers doesn't fails,By God's Grace, our prayers were listened.So mentioned person's life have been saved under one roof with Care and Needs of his life.

Thank you very much to all,these things are done well...with all of your blessings and supporting.

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